Our Gear

  • Blue Snowball: All three Ducks are currently using the Blue Snowball USB Microphone. The little brother of the famous Blue Yeti Microphone, the Snowball provides good sound quality and has built in cardioid, spherical, and noise reduction modes.
  • MacBook Pro: All three Ducks are utilizing a MBP as their primary recording machine. While Matt G. and Adam enjoy their time in OS X, Matt S. has moved to the sweet, sweet, command line world of Arch Linux. His sense of superiority is palpable.
  • GarageBand 6.0.5: GarageBand before they stripped out all the podcasting features to make GarageBand 10. While the Ducks have experimented with a few open source and entry-level commercial recording and editing options, they have had good luck with 6.0.5 in the show’s infancy. The software provides reliable audio recording with quality basic editing and audio filtering. Perhaps they can move up to the pros after they get their first sweet sponsor deal.
  • Audacity: Used for audio recording, editing, and format converting in Linux (but it's available for Mac too).
  • Jekyll & AWS: This website and our podcast feed are powered by Jekyll and hosted on AWS S3. The code is open source and is available on Github.

Our Process

The show (with the exception of Episode 00) is recorded “Double-Ender” style. When recording, each member records their own voice locally and the audio streams are combined later for editing. This ensures higher quality audio throughout the session with no interference from changes in VOIP connections.

Foolish Gear

  • Threema: When setting up recording times or complimenting each other on their smooth vocal work and stylish tinfoil hats, the Ducks use Threema. Reliable, secure, and authenticated; when coordinating the recording of your free podcast there is no better choice.
  • Google Hangouts: Remember Skype? Stop that.